The Gig

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In The Gig, players are members of a jazz group, improvising their way through a song, vying for the spotlight and trying to please the audience whilst working up mind-blowing solos!
Boasting a unique theme, mechanics, and simple 'pick up and play' rules, The Gig is a one-of-a-kind game with a ton of replayability (11 instruments, 15 songs, 30 setlists, modular rules and a solo mode by David Turczi!) to keep you coming back for another jam session!

Ages 14+
1-4 players
20-30 minute play time

11 Instrument Boards
1 Songbook
16 Dice
4 Dice Trays
15 Set List Cards
30 Audience Cards
3 Initiative Cards
12 Experimental Sessions Cards
4 Pens

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