The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction (PS2)

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Lose control as one of the most powerful and destructive comic book characters ever--The Incredible Hulk! Climb and jump on top of any building, turn any object into a weapon, and destroy everything in your way in this battle against time and the Hulk's inner demons! The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is an action-adventure game offering the ultimate in power, freedom, rage, and destruction!


  • Ultimate destruction: fully interactive and destructible environments; action on the Richter scale
  • Unstoppable movement: free-roaming, open worlds for non-stop rampage and mayhem
  • The world is your weapon: use anything in the environment as a weapon
  • Epic boss battles: fight ruthless enemies such as the Abomination, Mercy, Hulk-busters and many more
  • Gameplay depth and variety: over 30 story missions, 40 side challenges, and 150 attack moves and combos

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