The Monkey King: The Legend Begins

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THE LEGEND BEGINS! GO ON A FANTASTIC JOURNEY THROUGH ANCIENT CHINA AS THE LEGENDARY MONKEY KING. DEADLY FORCES HAVE INVADED THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM AND IT IS UP TO YOU TO PROTECT THIS LAND AS YOU FIGHT YOU'RE WAY TO BECOMING A GOD! FLY ON YOUR MAGICAL CLOUD AND DEFEAT THE HORDES OF ENEMIES THAT COME YOUR WAY ON YOUR QUEST TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY AS THE CHUKA TAISEN!An arcade classic reinvented for the Nintendo® Wii system. Utilizing the controls of the Nintendo® Wii, you can literally dodge your attackers and take control of the action! With beautiful graphics that depicts the beauty of ancient China from which this story came, users will be able to fly in the shoes of the legendary Monkey King and relive the tale for which he became famous.

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