TinkerTurf Sci-Fi: Ladders & Catwalks Neutral

Sale price$12.50


Create new access points to your higher terrain with ladders and catwalks. Position your minis at their true elevation with ladder stands that lock into rungs.

Each TinkerTurf® terrain piece is easily assembled from full color, pre-printed, dense 2mm black game board. You can build expansive battlefields of great looking, multi-tier structures and cover types for any 28mm and 32mm miniature game. The end result is terrain features of noticeable weight and heft, that will stand up to the demands of many years of hard campaigning.

3 Tall Ladders
3 Medium Ladders
3 Short Ladders
3 Long Catwalk
3 Short Catwalk
9 Ladder Stands
6 Small Crates

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