Tiny Epic Crimes Kingpins Expansion

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In the Kingpins expansion, one of six Kingpins have taken over the city. You must gather your wits and take them down, adding precious time to hamper your ability to solve the murder. The identity of the Kingpin will be revealed through game play.

To catch the Kingpin move the Patrol Wagon through the city to knock off the Kingpin Flophouses one by one to reveal which Kingpin you will have to take down.

But beware! The Kingpins have other plans in store for the faithful officers of Echo Ridge City and will unleash a wave of events if they feel the coppers closing in. The Kingpins expansion will feature new city events tied to each Kingpin and their gang of mobsters. These new events will take valuable time for you to solve as you hunt these gang leaders.

6 Kingpin Mats
6 Event Cards
4 Ability Cards
4 Cold Case Cards
1 Identity Card
7 Scheme Cards
2 Secret Envelopes
1 Patrol Wagon Card
12 Wooden Tokens
10 Event Tokens
2 Patrol Wagon Wooden Tokens
16 Flophouse Wooden Tokens

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