Travelers of Tryphosa

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Choose your character and embark on an adventure! Travelers of Tryphosa is a team questing fantasy game about competing for adventure prestige. Travel and earn points through quests, creature encounters, and special abilities. Buy food, equipment, and new skills for your character, and level up every round. After a party has completed 8 quests or encounters, all players compete in a Battle Royale for extra points. The party with the most points wins the game!

This is a combination of victory point board games and RPGs requiring no GM. It features competitive and cooperative modes, playing multiple characters in teams or one-vs-one. There are no set skill trees and players that choose a combat-free approach have as strategic of an advantage as fighters. Mechanics include roll-to-attempt, dice mitigation, quest fulfillment, encounter response, card-based combat and tableau building.

1-6 players
Ages 14+
60-80 minute play time

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