Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

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Action RPG - Wield your blade and cast powerful spells in this action-packed, hack and slash RPG exclusively for the PSP handheld entertainment system.

Epic Adventure - Create a unique hero and set out into the wilds of Unataca to battle powerful creatures, save your city of Aven from imminent extinction, and unravel the mysteries of a looming peril

Wireless Multi-Player Game Play - A wireless multiplayer mode features gameplay through the PSP handheld system's wireless feature. Connect directly with multiple PSP handheld systems for the ultimate in hack and slash action with no wires!

Four Playable Character Classes - Select from four unique character classes including an ancient order of valiant Knights, a foundation of brilliant Alchemists, an order of noble Druids, and a race of feral hunters known as the Berserkers. Each character c

Battle in more than 100 diverse levels that come alive with 3D graphics

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