Virtua Striker 2 (DRC)

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Fresh from the arcades, Virtua Striker 2 lobs the international soccer phenomenon onto the Sega Dreamcast in the system's signature arcade-perfect form. Players compete as 1 of 32 international teams, detailed down to the members' uniforms and playing styles. The game features six modes of play, including arcade (familiar to fans of the standup version), international cut, tournament, league, ranking mode, and match play. As the most dedicated soccer fanatic expects, the gameplay is highly detailed and the action is fast and furious. The realistic, motion-captured players perform a plethora of stylish moves, including bicycle kicks, headers, and slide tackles. One cool feature: as the virtual clock ticks away the hours from morning through evening, the environmental lighting adjusts accordingly. Of course, a social game like soccer is twice as fun with a fellow Pelé wannabe, which is why there's a head-to-head two-person multiplayer mode.

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