Void Terrarium 2 Deluxe (SWI)

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Dive into the depths of a treacherous world covered in toxic fungi with void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2. From the developers at Nippon Ichi Software comes the second installment in the Void Terrarium series. Within this world overwhelmed by decay, a single light of hope persists: a young girl named Toriko, the last surviving human. Her robot friend-turned-caretaker, Robbie, has nursed her back to health within the comforts of a shattered terrarium created with the help of a decommissioned AI. This unique terrarium houses the only living environment not affected by the deadly fungal growth and offers a safe haven for young Toriko. Despite barely surviving cloudAIs plot, Toriko has come down with yet another mysterious life-threatening illness. Robbie must do his best to keep Toriko safe while exploring cloudAIs lingering memories in order to maintain the terrarium and find a cure for Torikos unknown ailment. Explore this grim-yet-whimsical post-apocalyptic world and its endless subterranean byways and conduits to gather materials and craft necessary items to boost your stats and save the last remaining human from imminent demise.

Weapons Master - Level-up your favorite weapon as you progress through the dungeons - Mastering weapons will provide you with extra power needed to protect Toriko

Mystery Bonuses - Accessed by yellow portals, Mystery Rooms offer rare chests containing a myriad of boons including powerful equipment, new abilities, or ultra-rare skills that can alter the course of your expedition

Customizable Companion - Making a return from the original, Void Terrarium 2 offers new customization options for Toriko, including new clothes, hairstyles, and accessories - Give her the makeover of her dreams

Terrarium Care - Maintain the humidity and temperature of your terrarium by planting seeds and nurturing them while they grow - Then, harvest your new plant to decorate your terrarium

Deluxe Edition includes void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2 GAME, Digital Soundtrack (download code), and Softcover Art book

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