Wizards and Warriors (NES)

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The wizard Malkil was perhaps the best the world had ever seen. Then evil overtook him. He has since abducted Kuros' beloved Princess. But Kuros is a brave warrior, and he is about to show Malkil what he's made of.

In Wizards & Warriors, you control Kuros as he makes his way through the land of Elrond on his way to freeing the Princess. An armor-clad knight with the Brightsword, Kuros must make his way through seven realms of Elrond and fight 39 different types of enemies before his climactic battle with Malkil at Castle IronSpire.

After defeating a boss at the end of each realm, the warrior will free a captive fair maiden. Along with his Brightsword, Kuros has access to special weapons and items such as the Dagger of Throwing and the Boots of Force. Kuros will need all of the firepower he can get if he is to be successful in defeating Malkil and rescuing the Princess.

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