World Series Baseball 2K1 (DRC)

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Sega's famous World Series Baseball franchise makes its debut on the Dreamcast console with this 2000 offering. Endorsed by Pedro Martinez, the game offers an arcade-style slant on the sport with a control system designed to be user friendly. As with other games in the series, real players and teams are included thanks to an official license from Major League Baseball and the MLPBA. The action is played from a view behind the batter until he makes contact, at which point the screen will switch to the diamond or outfield, depending on the ball's location. It is important to note that users cannot control infielders or outfielders in the game -- only the throw to the appropriate base. Batting involves aiming a cursor over the plate and pressing the button to initiate the swing; if the cursor is positioned over the ball, contact will be made, the result of which is partially based on the batter's real-life abilities during the 1999 season. Pitching in World Series Baseball 2K1 involves choosing one of six types of pitches and then pressing a button at the height of a vertical meter to determine speed, control and the ball's movement. Modes of play include Exhibition (you choose two teams and the ballpark), Quick Start (computer selects teams), Season (52, 104 or a full 162 games), and Playoffs. Also featured is the ability to edit pitching staffs, starting lineups, or create up to 25 custom players. Options include five difficulty levels, adjustable innings (3-9), instant replays, and the ability to toggle stereo or monaural sound. A VMU with 120 blocks of space is required in order to save game data and created players.

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