WWF Smackdown (PS1)

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WWF Smackdown! enters the wrestling game ring with plenty of features that should bump up the testosterone levels of virtual grappling fans. Endorsed by the granddaddy of celebrity wrestling leagues, this game boasts an impressive cast of over 30 World Wrestling Federation mega-stars, including The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Undertaker. Even WWF head honcho Vince McMahon returns to the ring, appropriately decked out in his signature spiffy designer suit.

Each wrestler sports his (or her--fan-turned-wrestler Tori is a featured character) special moves, taunts, and finishers. And unlike some of yesterday's wrestling games, WWF Smackdown!'s gameplay is fueled by an impressive game engine, allowing for fluid character moves, realistic lighting and shadows, and cool effects.

The Advanced Season mode is the star of this game, offering all of the drama of the real deal. The action is just as heavy off the ring as on, with spontaneous backstage brawls heating up the kitchen and spilling onto the loading dock. In this game, players pick their friends, pick on foes, and burn those who've double-crossed them--it's all about paving a career path headed for success. Speaking of playing it your way, the Create-a-Superstar option allows players to customize every detail of a character. Choose a wrestler's appearance, custom moves and fighting style, history--even height and weight. It all adds up to a fast and furious virtual version of the real thing.

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