Adventure Hooks A Book of Poems

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First published in a limited run by Cool Skull Press in 2018, Adventure Hooks is back in a new edition! Featuring a new cover by Adam Vass (World Champ Game Co.) and an introduction reflecting on both the first and second editions, these 60 tabletop-ready hybrid poems can be read, played, or slotted into an existing campaign. A deeply personal look at the start of a games career, Adventure Hooks is where Possible Worlds Games designer Tyler Crumrine first learned he loved writing for players, not just readers.

"Hilarious, helpful, & surprisingly insightful, Adventure Hooks gives a welcome influx of good-natured delirium to the dice-rolling worlds and doubles as a tour de force exploration of a previously unknown literary genre. As much a product of Dada & surrealism as of RPGs, Tyler Crumrine’s fertile & riotous imagination will hook you in all your campaigns, whether they be imaginary or real."
—Mathias Svalina, author of America at Play

"If Barthelme and Kafka and Wittgenstein were GMs, their brainstorming sessions might have looked something like the contents of this book. These lively hooks push the boundaries of world building, and will push PC’s to new heights of engagement and fun (and, perhaps, occasionally, despair)."
—Tim Earley, author of Epigrams Both Ludic and Regicidal

"What makes Adventure Hooks special is the way that it blends RPG elements with such engaging prose. You are not accepting the invitation to play a game, you are entering a strange world that is wholly your own—the reader becomes the writer."
—Mike Corrao, author of -MANCER

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