Ascended Kings

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Ascended Kings is a strategic & tactical high fantasy, free-for-all, battle royal tabletop miniatures game for 2-4 players and includes miniatures, cards, dice, acrylic gemstones!

Engage in free-for-all combat to the death, spurred on by slowly encroaching walls of fire. With no player elimination, fallen kings immediately return to the battle as Revenants—powerful dark beings from the fringe dimension—keeping every player in the fight until the four kings’ Bloodstones are united and the ultimate source of power, the Omega Stone, is summoned.

Claim Omega with all 4 bloodstones to win while rivals seek to strip the bloodstones back to claim Omega for themselves!

Game Contents:
• Ten 65mm to 80 mm Miniatures
• Game Board, Rulebook
• 5 Character Mats
• 104 Cards
• 180 Gems
• 24 Dice
• 4 Bloodstones, 4 Golden Crowns
• 1 Omega Stone

Ages 14+, 2-4 players, 30 minutes/player

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