Ball of the Wild RPG

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In this shared GM roleplaying game, create an animal who dresses as another animal, and choose your Role. Ask yourself, “What do I bring to a performance?” This will tell you which polyhedral die to use throughout the game, and it'll help you succeed at certain rolls. Glib performers bring a silver tongue, chirpy wit, and adept communication to all of their shows. They roll the d4.Funny performers bring hijinks, riffs, references, pratfalls, and astounding, sparkling charisma onstage. They roll the d6.Soulful performers bring passion, depth, range, and gravitas, and I commune with the heart of the world. They roll the d8.Physical performers bring effortless agility, strength, body control, and deftness every time they perform. They roll the d10. Once you've made your performer, let the Ball begin! Take turns as the judge of the Ball, Mother Nature, who gives snaps and awards prizes for the best competitors in your chosen category. When it's your turn to play as Mother Nature, you'll choose the style of performance, and performers will roll. Even if you bomb your number, Mother Nature can still decide to hand you the win... After the performance is over, there will be an after party, where you’ll take off your costumes and reveal the animal you live as when you're not at the ball. It's time to spill the tea, support each other’s art and ambition, and hash out the inevitable disagreements that arise among fierce performers.

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