Boldly Go! RPG

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Are you ready to go, boldly?

In this science-fiction role-playing game, you and your friends are officers in Space Fleet, the military and exploration force of the Stellar Alliance. You will design and take command of your own starship, filled to the brim with advanced technology and crewed by NPC shipmates that you create. You will travel the stars, meeting new species, solving ancient mysteries, and experiencing all the horrors and wonders the galaxy has to offer!

  • PLAY: A character from one of seven Alliance species, such as a war-like and indomitable human, a rational and calculating synthoid, or a hierarchical and betentacled krakenoid!
  • SERVE: In one of eight occupations aboard ship. Be a security officer and repel boarders, or play an engineer and try keep to your vessel from flying apart. If you feel the siren call of leadership, feel free to take your rightful place in the captain’s chair!
  • DESIGN: Interesting characters and ships using the simple and flexible Traits System! Take to the stars in a ship made from alien technology, or be the only human serving on a ship crewed entirely by sloth people!
  • FIGHT: Using a streamlined and descriptive combat system. Wound or weaken your foes with a rayser pistol or a classic two-handed strike to the back. Avoid injury by tearing your uniform and having it take the brunt of the damage!
  • TALK: About your problems in the conference room, where you will strengthen the bonds of your crew and gain Drama Points to help you overcome future obstacles!
  • ENCOUNTER: A myriad of interesting life forms across the galaxy. Test your wits against the paranoid spymasters of the Xukunian Union, or cross swords with the cybernetically augmented space dragoons of the Vatizaran Empire!
  • SCRIPT: An endless variety of thematically appropriate adventures with the provided Random Episode Generator!

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