Boogie (NDS)

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Boogie to the BeatProduct InformationBoogie is a unique dancing game for DS that features three gameplaymodes (Copycat Freestyle and Choreography) along with over tenmini-games.  Play with friends via Single-Card or Multi-CardPlay options or dive into the Career Mode for an even deeper experienceas you embark on a quest to bee the Boogie Master.  Withfive Boogs to choose from more than 500 clothing options and plentyof dance-inspired gameplay Boogie is a pletely original way todance your way.Product Features Play Boogie in 3D with the included free glasses. Customize your Boog with more than 500 wardrobe options. Unlock cool new songs and earn badges in Career Mode. Boogie with friends in both Multi-Card Play and Single-CardPlay. Choose to dance it up in more than ten mini-games.

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