Book of Magic Spell Codex Vol 1 (Pathfinder)

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The Collected Knowledge of a Hundred Spellcasters. Bringing together all the spells from nearly two dozen companion sources, the Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1 has something for everyone. These spells have been updated for clarity and expanded to cover classes introduced after their original publication. Gathered together for the first time, these spells will give your character the edge you’ve been looking for. Within these 96 pages, the Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1 contains: Over 170 spells for all 26 spellcasting classes. From wizard to bloodrager, cleric to paladin, psychic to medium, you'll find spells for your character here. New short descriptions, making it easy for you to discover and find that perfect spell. Artwork to make this feel like a true spellcaster’s tome. With this essential compendium, your character will be prepared for the road ahead.

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