Can I Remix You a Drink?

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T-Pain first mastered the art of mixology with his cocktail book, Can I Mix You A Drink?. Now, he shares the Remix—an ideal gift that’s perfect for dialing up the fun at your next party, hangout, or as a unique addition to your adult game collection.

Starting with 7 cards each, players aim to mix, remix, and drink their way to zero cards. The 87-card deck is sprinkled with musical-themed directives, from base ingredients to modifiers, all crafted by T-Pain himself. Get ready to blend, shake, and create your way through the game, with each card bringing you closer to the ultimate shout of “Remix!” as you play your final card.

“Can I Remix You A Drink?” is more than just a game; it’s an entertaining experience, promising a night filled with laughter, memorable moments, and a hint of tipsiness. Perfect for parties, pre-games, game nights, or a fun night in, this game is the ideal gifting choice for adults and a must-have for any adult’s party game collection.

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