Castles & Crusades NPC Almanac Sketches

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The NPC is an essential part of any role playing game and Castles & Crusades is no exception. NPCs play a variety of roles from the barkeep at the tavern that passes on juicy rumors for a few coins, to the well-paid henchmen who drags the wounded character to safety and healing. The NPC Almanac Sketches consists of collections of long and short NPCs entries, both class based and hirelings, or adherents. These NPC entries include all the information you need to place the NPC in your game and begin play. They contain name, complete description, a little background, gender, appearance, personality, hook, alignment, and where called for level, BtH, HP, AC, primary attributes, secondary attributes, armor, weapons, and special info. With hundreds of NPCs presented, it is the perfect resource for your role playing game! The NPC Almanac Sketches is the companion piece to the NPC Almanac Register.

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