Century: A New World

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Explore, Hunt, Settle and Trade in the Americas in CENTURY - A NEW WORLD!

In Century - A New World, fans should expect accessible gameplay that leads to deep strategy! Gorgeous art supplied by Chris Quilliams. Century - A New World is a fitting end to Century series and one every fan will want to own!

Century - A New World mixes with Spice Road and/or Eastern Wonders. An amazing way to say farewell to this great series !

• Third and final part of the Century Trilogy. 
• also Combines with Spice Road and/or Eastern Wonders to create 3 additional game modes! 
• Worker placement with a twist!

• 6 Action boards 
• 4 Player boards 
• 57 Cards 
• 48 Player tokens 
• 10 Location tiles 
• 25 Journal tokens 
• 4 "4-Players" Tiles 
• 20 Brown cubes 
• 30 Red cubes 
• 20 Green cubes 
• 35 Yellow cubes 
• 4 Bowls 
• 4 Rulebooks

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