Codex of Aihrde

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Part 1 The Almanac: The Almanac introduces you to the world of Aihrde, from the cosmological stand point, the world itself and its many diverse peoples, and then at last to the Lands of Ursal, called the Cradle of the World for here humans first mastered the Arcane.

Part 2 The Andanuth : Here we learn the story of Aihrde, from its uttermost beginning to the present age, over 100,000 words of mythological and historical content that gives Aihrde a foundation like no other campaign setting. It follows the journey of the All Father, the creation of the gods and the world. We learn who the gods are and how they interact long before the coming of the dwarves and man. The story covers the creation of these people and more and all their long journeys and travails from their arrival to the realms of the day. The Andanuth is generously sprinkled with stories and tales of gods and men, dwarves and goblins, war and peace. You'll not wonder what happened'll know.

Appendices: Several Appendices cover extra material such as a detailed time line, calendar, weather patterns, languages, and flora of Aihrde.

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