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Cosmoctopus is an engine-building, tentacle-gathering board game for 1 to 4 devotees. Guide Cosmoctopus through the Inky Realm, a flexible configuration of tiles, to gather resources and obtain powerful cards that represent relics, scripture, hallucinations and constellations. Harness the power of these bizarre objects and experiences, craft potent card combinations and be the first to gain 8 tentacles to win!

Ages 10+
1-4 players
60-90 minute playtime

1 Cosmoctopus Head Miniature
29 Tentacle Miniatures
88 Devotee Cards
4 First Contact Cards
12 Private Investigator Cards
4 Reference Cards
96 Wooden Resource Tokens (24 of each of Coins, Ink, Stars and Whispers)
12 Inky Realm Tiles
4 Forbidden Knowledge Tiles
4 Summoning Tiles
11 Gameplay Tokens
1 Lore Sheet/Icon Guide

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