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CRAVE is a dynamic new card game, featuring modern-day fantasy creatures in an epic battle of vampires versus vampire hunters.

Each side begins with unique starting hands. Use your influence to acquire more powerful cards as the game progresses. You’ll have access to the main public market, plus private markets where you’ll obtain exclusive cards.
Crave features two completely different styles of play. While Vampires use special spells, drain energy from their enemies, and turn Groupies to their own side, Vampire Hunters will use dexterity, healing, and marketplace benefits to try and win. 

You'll bring in new characters, including fantastic Enchanted creatures, Groupies, Werewolves, and even poisonous Plants which you'll drop straight into your opponent's deck.

Win by draining your opponent's health before they do the same to you in your battle to survive.

2 players
Ages 13+
25 minute play time

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