Crimes & Capers: High School Hijinks

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Reimagine the Murder Mystery Party

Welcome to 1998…. Romi’s been framed! As the senior leaders of Blair High School, you have gathered the passed notes from today to see if you can figure out who framed Romi. If you don’t figure it out, she will be expelled!

Crimes & Capers: High School Hijinks is a cooperative game where you and a group of friends will take on the roles of 90s high school students and work together to solve the mystery. No special skills or prior knowledge are required. Read notes and solve puzzles to unlock Romi’s locker, then figure out who framed her!

4-6 players
Ages 14+
90 minute play time

Host Guide
Locked Locker Box
Characters’ Binders with all the notes between them and their friends
Map of Blair High School
Puzzle Sheets
Student & Teacher Schedules
Suspect Board
Final Results Envelopes
Access to Hints
Letters, Secret Notes, Tickets, and more!

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