Crymachina Deluxe Edition (SWI)

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Available 10/24/23

Thousands of years ago, the human race was destroyed. Eight synthetic, AI-powered beings known as Shinki, or Divine Machines, have been assigned the redemption of the human race. Follow Leben, Mikoto, and Ami, three E.V.E.’s (the recreated psyche of humans instilled into synthetic bodies) as they seek their full-fledged humanity. Explore the expanse of Eden and discover the secrets of the Shinki and the end of mankind. Then, restore your strength, upgrade your party, and peruse Personality Data in the Imitation Garden.

  • Classy
  • Destroy larger than life foes with flashy, action-packed RPG combat that flows seamlessly between exploration.
  • Strong
  • This emotional story dives deep into the qualities of humans and pushes players to question their perception of humanity.
  • Stylish
  • Eye-catching visuals are supported with alluring sci-fi artwork from Rolua and Yoshi6054, bringing the bleak, dark world of CRYMACHINA to life!
  • Deluxe edition
  • The deluxe edition includes CRYMACHINA game digital Soundtrack (download code) softcover art book and a reversible Cover

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