Crypt of Chaos

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Crypt of Chaos is an exciting new game for one or two players set in a creepy Crypt crawling with creatures hell bent on preventing you from reaching your goal.

Play as one of six sensational Crypt Champions, each with their own unique skill, item or special ability.

Build and explore a new Crypt every game by drawing cards from the dungeon deck to reveal floor tiles.

Place these to create the twisting passages, creepy corridors and dank chambers of the Crypt, revealing monsters, obstacles and treasure chests as you proceed.

You will need to use skill and cunning and have all of your wits about you as you seek out a mysterious Lost Sword, snatch the Key of Freedom and battle your way to the Crypt Exit.

1-2 players
Ages 8+
30-60 minute play time

2 Champion Avatars
6 Large Character Reference Cards
35 Highly Detailed Floor Tiles
20 Unique Treasure Chest Cards
6 Champion and 6 Monster Attack Decks
29 Health Tokens
1 Starter Tile

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