Cybernator (SNES)

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By the year 2065 Earth has split into two warring factions, but this time the battlefield stretches to the Moon and back. In fact, the Axis forces have developed a military stronghold on the Moon that is capable of launching a full-scale attack of gigantic battle cruisers. The Allies order a preemptive strike, and they call on the elite Cybernator force to carry out the mission. As a member of the unit, you've got to climb into your Cybernator a massive metal warrior five stories tall with a cockpit situated at the top, where you control all of its actions and head off to the battle. You'll have to fight your way through seven destructive levels of mechanized combat, collecting power-ups for your four weapons systems on the way. In CYBERNATOR, the war of the future, it's kill or be killed

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