D&D Idols of the Realm Wizards and Warriors 2D Miniature Set

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Introducing an all new set of 2D miniatures by WizKids! These 2D minis are an inexpensive way to gain a huge assortment of miniatures and are designed to support a variety of adventures!

Idols of the Realms: Wizards & Warriors - 2D Set collects an assortment of characters representing the core playable classes of D&D. Use these figures as player characters or Non-player characters in your games.

This set contains:
• Male Dwarf Fighter
• Female Dwarf Fighter
• Male Human Fighter
• Female Elf Fighter
• Male Dragonbron Paladin
• Female Dragonborn Paladin
• Male Halfling Rogue
• Female Halfling Rogue
• Male Elf Ranger
• Female Elf Ranger
• Male Human Cleric
• Female Human Cleric
• Male Tiefling Sorcerer
• Female Tiefling Sorcerer
• Female Elf Wizard
• Male Elf Wizard
• Male Gnome Wizard
• Female Gnome Wizard
• Male Human Warlock
• Female Human Warlock
• Female Half-Orc Barbarian
• Male Half-Orc Barbarian
• Female Half-Elf Bard
• Male Half-Elf Bard

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