Dark Souls RPG Tome of Journeys 5e

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The journey through the treacherous realms of DARK SOULS continues, and we invite you to immerse yourself in the Tome of Journeys. Here lie the means to make your next roleplaying campaign twice as thrilling and thrice as deadly!

Within these whispering pages, you’ll find a wealth of new material to further flesh out your RPG campaigns. From classic DARK SOULS locations, to new equipment and weaponry, plus two complete adventures ready to slot into your games. Not to mention secret tips and advice for Game Masters, to help you run sessions that will keep players coming back to the bonfire for more!

Fully illustrated and entirely deadly, the Tome of Journeys will take you on a journey unlike any other.
Over 120 pages of DARK SOULS RPG content
Iconic Lordran locations, teeming with details and ripe for exploration
New play options, tips, and advice
A host of legendary equipment and weapons from the original DARK SOULS video game
Two complete, ready-to-play, multi-session adventures, confronting old threats and new…
5e-compatible for integration into any tabletop roleplaying game, as well as the rest of the DARK SOULS RPG collection

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