Deck of Many Monsters 2

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The Deck of Many Monsters 2 is a tool used to assist Game Masters in their DND 5e role-playing campaigns, freeing them from traditional reference books and allowing them to only bring the reference they need. Each card features original artwork and easy to reference information.

Featured Artists: Steve Argyle & Thomas M. Baxa

Contents: 33 Tarot Sized Cards

• Elemental Air
• Elemental Earth
• Elemental Fire
• Elemental Fire
• Etter Cap
• Ghast
• Ghoul
• Mephit Dust
• Mephit Ice

    • Mephit Magma
    • Mephit Steam
    • Minotaur Skeleton
    • Mummy
    • Mummy Lord
    • Ogre Zombie
    • Pit Fiend
    • Shadow
    • Specter

      • Vampire
      • Vampire Spawn
      • Warhorse Skeleton
      • Wight
      • Will-o'-Wisp
      • Withholder*
      • Wraith
      • 4x Blank Custom
        Encounter Cards 

         *Custom creation

        Stock: 350 GSM White Core Linen Stock

        Tarot Card size: 70mm x 120mm

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