Dice Tray for Rolling 11.5" Octagon

Sale price$24.95


This beautiful dice rolling tray is made is a solid constructed dice tray wrapped in a nice black leatherette to give the tray an elegant look while being rugged enough to handle the abuse of dice of all types, including metal.

The dice tray measures 11.5 inch for plenty of rolling surface, so you never need to worry about your dice rolling off the edge of a table or game tray again.

Noise Reduction
Loud clanks of dice hitting the edges of thick wooden dice trays suck (especially if you're trying to run a somewhat quiet game).

With our dice tray you won't have that problem!  The thick leatherette sides help control noise whether you're rolling metal dice or acrylic/resin dice.

The smooth velvet bottom is durable enough to hold up to rolling dice across the tray and also helps pad the noise as well!

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