Everquest Online Adventures (PS2)

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Collectible Only - No Longer Functional To Play Due to Online Service Discontinuation.

The phenomenally realistic and detailed world of EverQuest is now available for PlayStation 2 for the first time with EverQuest Online Adventures. But unlike the popular PC version, EverQuest Online is played completely over the Internet with players from around the world. Create your character and team up with other characters—created by other human players—and combat monsters, seek treasures and conduct trade as you explore incredible cities, dungeons, and underground lairs. EverQuest Online takes place in the Age of Adventure, 5 centuries before the PC version. The game accommodates short or super long hours-on-end play sessions. Because EverQuest Online is played completely over the Internet, it has no offline component and requires the PlayStation2 Network Adapter and Internet service to access online features. Additionally, a fee is required for online play; the introductory month is free.

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