Fetch My Blade

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FETCH MY BLADE is a solo journaling roleplaying game where you play as the dog of a retired legendary master of the sword, tasked with a quest of your own: retrieve your master’s fabled weapon in time for their final duel. On your quest, you will uncover and explore your Master’s guarded past-- transforming your character, deepening your relationship with your Master, and ultimately influencing your Master’s fate. This game takes approximately 1-2 hours to play.


As a loyal dog, you exhibit traits similar to that of the Master who trained you. You have two traits, FIERCE and FRIENDLY, which determine how you approach encounters on your quest. While there is no right way to approach an encounter, your approach and the resulting consequences may leave lasting change. And just as you are influenced by your Master, so too will your Master be influenced by you and your changes once the duel begins. Will your Master pick up the blade once more? Or has retirement and reflection changed their ways?


Your Master guards their past well. While the two of you are ever loyal to one another, you know very little of the life your Master led before you met them. Throughout your quest, you will encounter challenges that prompt you to delve into your Master's past. These discoveries will cause you to QUESTION and ultimately transform the fundamental TRUTHS that govern your relationship with your Master. On your quest, learn the what it means to be True, and what it means to be Truthful.


As a fetch quest, you will pass through multiple sites on your way to obtain the blade, and pass through those same sites on your way back. Each encounter is resolved by a ROLL OVER/UNDER DICE POOL SYSTEM that takes into account the Trait you are using, relevant Training you may have, and the state of your Truths. You will always progress through these encounters, but how they impact you, your relationship with your Master, and the timeliness of your quest are determined by the dice.

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