Galatea RPG Paragon Edition

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You were made to be perfect.

Your creator is a brilliant artist - celebrated, lonely, tormented - who has never been satisfied with his creations. Until now. His magnum opus, his crowning masterpiece, the pinnacle of his art - is you. And yesterday you came to life. You must remain perfect for him - or else.

Galatea is a solo journaling RPG based on the Wretched & Alone SRD, but takes significant departures from other games of the genre. Awaken in the story of a sentient masterpiece striving to live up to your creator's expectations. Choose how to build up your confidence and self-knowledge before you start undermining your own foundations. Explore the wider world with tarot cards or standard playing cards, with different rulesets for a customizable experience. Try to retain the favor of your creator. And leave behind a legacy for the next creation to follow you - or disappear without a trace...

You will need:

  • A tumbling block tower (e.g. Jenga tower), to represent your self-knowledge
  • A deck of tarot cards or standard playing cards (with jokers), to represent the unknown world
    • Gameplay with tarot cards will focus slightly more on exploring your own psychology
    • Gameplay with playing cards will focus slightly more on how far you think you can trust others
  • Somewhere to record your story
  • A few hours of your mortal life

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