Golf (NES)

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Hit the links in your living room with Golf for the NES. Consisting of an 18-hole course and a horizontal swing meter, the game lets you choose your clubs, change your stance, select the angle of impact (for straight, slice, and hook shots) and control the power of your swings. When hitting the ball, your viewpoint is from behind the player. Otherwise, your perspective is from above the course. Wind conditions affect standard hits while turf conditions affect the roll of putts. Hazards along the fairways include water, woods and out of bounds areas. If the ball does go out of bounds, you are penalized two strokes. Golf offers three modes of play: 1-Player Stroke Game, 2-Player Stroke Game, and 2-Player Match Game. Match games are played nine holes out and nine holes in for a total of 18 in all.

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