GURPS Basic Set Campaigns

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Any World You Can Imagine

Since Steve Jackson Games first released it back in 1986, GURPS has offered players the freedom to be any kind of hero they want in any genre they can imagine. Over the past 30 years, this roleplaying game has continued to grow and evolve, attracting fans who love its flexibility, quality, and ease of use. GURPS Fourth Edition set new standards for physical quality as well; the two Basic Set volumes are full-color hardbacks with gorgeous, distinctive covers.

Roleplaying is all about creating an exciting, engaging story together – and that’s the focus of the second volume, GURPS Campaigns. It covers all of the things needed to make a setting interesting and fun: the people, the technology, the creatures, the world itself, and more. GURPS Campaigns also dives further into the system’s rules, making it a must-own not only for the GM, but also for any player who wants more options and detail.

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