GURPS Basic Set Characters

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GURPS is the most flexible roleplaying system ever created. Adventure in any world you can imagine, as any character you want, from ordinary Joe to superhero, from caveman to spaceman. Choose from more than 400 advantages and disadvantages, over 350 skills, individual perks and quirks. Use all types of weapons, from clubs to lasers . . . magic and martial arts . . . psionics and superpowers. Gear up, and you’re ready for action.

Go where fate (and the GM) takes you – no more switching game systems when you change campaigns! GURPS gives you one set of clear, comprehensive rules to cover any background. It’s faster and easier to play than ever.

GURPS makes the Game Master’s job fun. Easily create monsters and villains, human or otherwise – fantasy folk, aliens, robots, whatever – that will . . . amuse your players. All rules are carefully organized, indexed, and cross-referenced. Charts and tables are clear and legible. And to introduce new players to the system, the “Quick Start” section covers the basics in a few pages.

Be anyone. Go anywhere. Do anything. With GURPS, it’s all possible!

GURPS Basic Set: Characters is the only book that players need. Game Masters (and players wanting more detail) will find the companion book, GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns, valuable.

Description: 336-page hardbound, full-color GURPS Fourth Edition core book.

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Trade Sales Points
• Popular. The hardcover most often used by GURPS players – each player will want a copy!
• Thriving.With hundreds of published products and dozens more in development, 
GURPS keeps growing!
• Retailer Support. Posters, flyers, and other marketing tools are free to retailers, and GURPS is supported by our Men in Black demonstration program.

Tell the Players
• Flexible. Handles heroes suited to every genre, every power level, and every style of play.
• Unified. Learn just one system and get on with the game. Everything works with everything else!
• Supported. There are printed books on every major genre, dozens of PDFs, the extensive 
GURPS Third Edition back catalog, regular website updates, and active fan forums.

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