.hack Part 2: Mutation (PS2)

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With a new server-world to explore, new characters, quests, and equipment, and a new racing minigame, fans of the original will find themselves drawn in all over again.

In. hack Infection, you explored the incredible game known simply as The World, and began uncovering a conspiracy at the game's deepest levels. In this sequel, you'll return to The World and unravel more of the mystery that's leaving so many gamers in comas, around the planet.

The great graphics, sound and gameplay that made the first. hack game a hit is back, with all-new towns, weapons, items and characters

There's also a brand new mini-game called Grunty Race, that takes raising grunties to a whole new level

Comes with a 30 minute DVD detailing the happenings of a group of people outside of 'The world' who are also acting to try and uncover the mysteries of the coma victims.

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