Hercules (N64)

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Based on the syndicated TV series, Hercules: The Legendary Journey is an action game with puzzle and role-playing game inflections (which means that Herc kicks butt but also solves puzzles and interrogates nonplaying characters). You'll take Hercules, pal Iolaus, and the she-horse Serena through plains, mountain villages, and towns of classical Greece, looking to return the power stolen by god-of-war Ares from god-of-them-all Zeus. And just so Ares knows Herc means business, you've got four magic attacks that can summon the forces of rock, fire, lightning, and ice to your side. If that isn't enough, you've got the individual strengths of Serena and Iolaus on your side too. Fans of the show will appreciate that the game also incorporates the stylized humor and anachronistic characters--tie-dyed togas, anyone?--that has been a hallmark for the series.

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