Inspector Gadget (SNES)

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Dr. Claw has kidnapped Penny. Her uncle, the bumbling Inspector Gadget, is the only one who can save her. Guide Gadget as he tries to navigate through multiple levels filled with scorpions, moths, and Claw's henchmen. Luckily, He has a number of devices that will help him with his quest including a custom helicopters, super stretch arms, and self-guided propellers. Like any good inspector, Gadget also has a high power magnifying glass that will let find items that would otherwise go unnoticed. When the going gets tough, trusty Brain, Gadget's dog, is around to provide some clues. Rescue Penny and defeat Claw in Inspector Gadget. Special Features Based on the animated series; multiple levels; variety of gadgets to use; large number of enemies; get help from Brain the dog

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