Lunar Dragon Song (NDS)

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Long, long ago, the world of Lunar was dead; neither flora nor fauna--nor even air--could exist. But the Goddess Althena, together with the Dragonmaster and Four Dragons, came and gave life to the land, magically transforming this dead place into a verdant world overflowing with life. She blessed the world of Lunar, and the Dragonmaster swore to her his undying loyalty. He and the Four Dragons were entrusted with the Goddess's protection, and through her power, a magical world was born.

Lunar: Dragon Song is a tale of origins, set 1,000 years prior to the events of the original Lunar: The Silver Star and the adventures of Dragonmaster Alex. In the twilight time of Dragon Song, the world was still divided. At its center lived the race of beastmen in large, extravagant dwellings, while on its outskirts lived the race of humans. The two races were largely separate, and the world remained in balance so long as they remained separate. But this balance was soon threatened by a vile tribe in the distant frontier, who was rumored to wield formidable powers of dark magic. In a world that owed its existence to magic, these were perilous times.

Battle the forces of evil and transform Dark creatures into Light with the new Light and Dark system. Augment the abilities of your party via battle cards, and then exchange cards over wireless LAN with your friends. Lunar: Dragon Song lets you move around the map by simply tapping a point on the touch screen. Battles in the game use both screens to show grounded and airborne enemies. The game also feature controls dictated to the built-in microphone.

The first installment to the Lunar series in over a decade, Lunar: Dragon Song is a completely original adventure set against the backdrop of the Lunar universe. Join Jian, Lucia, Gabryel, and a host of new characters in this epic new prequel for Nintendo DS.

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