Make Make

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In Make Make, each person represents the Chief of one of the clans that inhabit Rapa Nui. It is a strategy game where each clan seeks control and dominance of the island's territories that will allow them to perform the ceremonial rites dedicated to the god Make Make who will act in his favor to become the new Ariki of the island that will govern and give prosperity to the Rapanui people.
To win the game, the five clan's Tangata Manu tokens must be placed on the board and Spiritual Supremacy token must be achieved. Players must be spiritually ready to receive the god Make Make who will manifest once the sun goes down.

3-4 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

Game Contents:
12 Moai
20 Tangata Manu
44 Dominance Tokens
4 Clan Chief Tokens
1 Token of Spiritual Supremacy

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