MLB 07: The Show (PS3)

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Players are invited to settle in and experience the variety of gameplay modes and online features found in MLB 07: The Show. Offline, single players may compete as a rookie in such modes as "Road to the Show," "Career," "Season," and "Exhibition." This 2007 version of the game also features an enhanced Pitch Command system and an adaptive Pitching Intelligence system that analyzes each pitch and provides feedback on how comfortable the pitcher is with each of his throws. The catcher can also provide their opinion on how the man on the mound should throw based on who is up to bat. Additionally, batters are given tips by a Swing Analysis tool that can compare the timing, location, and pitching area of the ball, and tell if the resulting hit is a home run or a strike. Online, gamers have the opportunity to create their own leagues with room for 30 teams. By becoming a commissioner, players may create a season, a schedule of games, determine rewards for winning, and even assign penalties for not playing during a designated game. During the season, players may track each team's stats and leaderboards. An updated MLB sportscast ticker includes a full game menu and up-to-date statistics. An online player card is assigned to each gamer that houses all offline and online progress. Rex Hudler, Matt Vasgersian, and Dave Campbell return for another season to provide commentary on all offline games.

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