My Friend Peppa Pig (SWI)

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Start a fun-filled adventure by becoming Peppa Pigs new friend! Take your first steps into Peppas world by creating your character and choosing your clothes. If you want to be a fox in a pirate hat, you can. Or be a rabbit in a nice dress and sunglasses " its your choice. There are so many possibilities, even before you ring the doorbell at Peppas house.

What happens in your story is all up to you. Everywhere you go, Peppa will suggest fun things to do " just like youre in an episode of the TV show. Will you help Daddy Pig find his lost glasses in the house? Can you guess the animal from the tracks you follow in the Forest? When it rains, youll surely want to jump in muddy puddles " just dont forget your boots!

All your favorite characters are here, and theyre excited to meet you. Play with George and Mummy Pig at Peppas House. Sing with Madam Gazelle and the other children at Peppas School. Visit the Beach, Snowy Mountain, the Museum even Potato City! Every play session is a new experience, as you choose new paths and try new things with your friend Peppa Pig.


BUILD YOUR CHARACTER " Choose and dress your avatar

PLAY WITH PEPPA " Learn and adventure with your new friend

EXPLORE HER WORLD " Visit the Beach, the Forest, Potato City and beyond

MAKE FRIENDS " Your favorite Peppa Pig characters want to meet you

GET CREATIVE " Young players star in their own unique story

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