Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 [Greatest Hits] (PS2)

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 lets you battle the best in the land. Fight head-to-head against other great ninja warriors, with over 30 playable characters and 16 unique stages. Choose from more than 60 exciting missions, test your skills with challenging mini-games or play through the anime storyline - and even unlock an original story - in the all-new mode, Ultimate Road. Earn money and points to unlock tons of bonus content as you unleash your chakra and ascend the ranks on your way to becoming the greatest ninja of all! Play Ultimate Road to follow the anime storyline and unlock an original plot, take on over 60 challenging missions or play through six unique mini-games Practice mode perfects your techniques, or VS mode to take on the computer or fight head-to-head with friends Tons of unlockable characters, movies, music, cards & more

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