NFL Fever 2003 (XB)

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NFL Fever 2003 is one of the best-selling, fastest and hardest-hitting football games available for the Xbox. Easy to pick up and start playing, NFL Fever 2003 delivers all the action, attitude and excitement of the National Football League, letting you create, play and control the ultimate NFL team. With the opportunity to earn all the accolades and honors of the NFL, NFL Fever 2003 challenges hardcore football fans and gamers to be the best in the world. Ultra-realistic, highly detailed player models reflect the size, shape and attitude of real NFL players and include variable accessories including gloves, wristbands, face masks, taped fingers and quarterback play sheets. Momentum-based motions provide some of the most bone-crunching, realistic animation of any football video game to date and the power and glory of high-impact football show up in vivid detail, courtesy of dynamic lighting, real-life reflections and dramatic shadows.

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