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Oros is a game of strategy, where you will be faced with choices between moving the land itself, erupting volcanoes, building shrines, or repositioning your Followers on every turn. Shift the land itself, move and collide tiles, form and erupt volcanoes, worship to gain wisdom, journey around the ever-changing landscape, and build sacred monuments in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.

Customize your actions by moving your Followers between upgradeable action spaces on individual player mats. Manipulate a shared environment like a giant puzzle of plate tectonics. Shift, move, build up, erupt, and reposition the land by sliding and colliding tiles on the shared board. Every action is a puzzle of creative problem solving, abstract thinking, and constantly evolving strategy.

Oros will appeal to players who enjoy competitive, highly strategic Euro-style games, thematic games, and games with unique mechanics.

1-4 players
Ages 14+
60-120 minute play time

1 Map Board
1 Ascension Track
72 Tiles
48 Volcano Pieces
4 Player Mats
4 Demigod Standees
4 Plastic Stands
32 Follower Pieces
32 Wisdom Caps
36 Sacred Site Tiles
1 First Player Marker
24 Foresight Tokens
48 Automa Cards
1 Score Pad
1 Rulebook

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