Pokemon Colosseum Best Seller Version (GC)

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  • Following the framework established by 2000's Pokémon Stadium and its 2001 sequel on Nintendo 64, Pokémon Colosseum lets players take their prized creatures from Pokémon: Ruby Version and Pokémon: Sapphire Version so they can fight in 3D on GameCube. Multiple arenas are available to select from, and players can enlist their Pokémon in multiple tournaments against computer-controlled teams or against friends. The new four-player feature found in both Game Boy Advance titles has also made the transition to Colosseum, with two teams of two battling each other on the same screen. To play the game with four players, each contestant must link his or her handheld to the GameCube via the GameCube -- Game Boy Advance Cable. With both Game Boy Advance games, players can import over 200 Pokémon to compete on GameCube.

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