Redwood Elk Edition

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Redwood is a family board game of estimation and tactical positioning. At the fringes of a wild landscape, nature-loving photographers travel great distances and flex infinite patience to immortalize animals in their natural habitat. In search of harmony, these trailblazers compose sumptuous shots that depict the marvels they encounter during their wanderings. Dazzle your audience by demonstrating your wildlife photography talents. Create a magnificent panorama; flaunt your skill by including a great diversity of flora and fauna in your shots; and at the end of the game, be the player with the most harmony points.

Redwood Big Box ALL-IN Kickstarter Version with Core Box, Expansion, all unlocked stretch goals, add-ons and exclusive content.

Ages 10+
1-4 Players
45 Minute Playtime

8 Photographer Miniatures
8 Neoprene Rings To Fix
1 First Player Pawn
1 Sun Token
7 Double-thick Animal Pawns
42 Animal Tokens
60 Flower Tokens
8 Sun Tokens
45 Victory Points Tokens
12 Sequoia Tokens
5 Double-sided Aurora Cards
20 Objective Cards
32 Panorama Cards
7 Move Templates
7 Shot Templates
1 Rulebook
1 Scorepad
1 String
2 General Supply Boards
4 Personal Supply Boards
2 Template Display Stands
28 Fasteners (Display Stands)
1 Gameboard
34 Card Sleeves

4 New Templates: Kayak, Paraglider, Bicycle, Scenic Route
1 New Shot Template
10 Double-thick Wooden Pawns (Camp + Animals)
44 Animals Tokens
10 Large Cards (Panorama + Sunrise)
20 Small Cards (7 Species Cards, 8 Photographer Cards & 5 Objective Cards)
31 Card Sleeves

6 Neoprene Mats
210 Wooden Tokens

Exclusive Contents:
1 Game Tray
1 Redwood Miniature
Constraint Cards
All Unlocked Stretch Goals

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